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Prolonged heat wave with 40-41 C to sweep across Greece

Winds down, temperatures up. Or in meteorologists’ language: Beaufort decrease, Celsius increase. Weather forecasters speak of a prolonged heat wave up to 41 degrees Celsius. Temperature will gradually rise over the weekend and will affect initially Western Greece.

Then the hell will grab large parts of the country from North to the South and from East to the West.

Weather Forecast August 4-9, 20217 based on Greek National Observatory

Friday, August 4th 

Temperature up to 39° and 41° Celsius in the North – Party cloudy in central and East Aegean, where North winds blow with 6 Beaufort.

Saturday, August 5th

Sunday, August 6th:

Orange: 37-40 degrees Celsius, Red: over 40 degrees Celsius

Monday, August 7th:


Tuesday, August 8th:

Wednesday, August 9th:

 maps via

According to other weather forecast tools, the heat wave is expected to affect also Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 10-12, 2017, and temperature is expected to decrease to normal seasonal levels as of Sunday, August 13th.

Also next week winds will be blowing from the North, however, with a ridiculous low intensity of 5 to 6 km/hour at least in Athens and broader Attica.

Lucky are the ones on the islands of North and Central Aegean Sea, where winds will reach intensity 6 to 7 Beaufort over the weekend.

Then on Monday…. this!



















I read that a warning has been issued for British tourists in the European South, where the mercury soars in several holiday hotspots across the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea.

The general protection rule is:

  • Drink plenty of water and juices
  • Avoid outdoors activities between 12 noon and 4 p.m
  • Use plenty of sunscreen
  • Wear a hat and light clothes
  • Reduce alcoholic consumption
  • Give a bowl of fresh water to strays

PS I think, the worst heat is not at 3 or 4 pm when it is supposed to be the peak. The worst happens a couple of hours later, when the city cement starts to spit the heat it has absorbed the whole day.

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