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Kythira in ‘state of emergency’ as wildfires rage for third day, one fire fighter hospitalized

The wildfire is ranging on Kythira for third day and ‘state of emergency’ was declared on Saturday, after four settlements had to be evacuated. One third of the island’s forest- and low vegetation areas have been burned down. Power and water outages. One fire fighter in hospital.

“It is a black day for Kythira,” mayor Efstratios Harhalakis told state broadcaster ERT on Sunday morning. He estimated that at least 15,000 acres of forest and low vegetation have been burned down. He left open the option of ‘arson’.

Four settlements were evacuated on Saturday, although the mayor said the residents returned to their homes when the fire in their areas was extinguished.

One fire fighter felt uneasy and was taken to the local hospital.

There are power outages as the wildfire has burned electricity columns.

Firefighters and aerial means from all over the country have been deployed to Kythira, more are expected to arrive on Sunday.

A force of more than 160 fire fighters have been struggling against the horrific wildfire that has burned down 1/3 of the island.

Strong winds that constantly change direction make the work of the fire brigades difficult.

The fire broke out around 11 o’ clock Friday morning, it was partly taken under control 24 hours later. However, it revived again.

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Kythira is a beautiful, modest island south of Peloponnese.

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What a pity.

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The state of emergency will be valid for six months. The Minister of Agriculture is expected to visit Kythira on Sunday to talks with farmers, especially with beekeepers, about the damages caused by the unprecedented wildfire.

Update Aug 7: the area that was burned in the SW of the island.

Kythira is famous among Greeks for its thyme honey.

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