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12 wildfires rage on Zakynthos: “Most likely Arson,” say the Fire Service

One after the other, wildfires have broken out in the north and the south of Zakynthos. They rage for the third consecutive day. The Greek Fire Service and local authorities suspect deliberate arson as cause for the wildfires that burn down forest land.

What is puzzling is that nine diferent fires broke out in neighboring areas, while four of them occured around saturday midnight in neigbhoring areas and within minutes.

General Secretary of Civil Protection, Giorgos Kapakis, described the situation as ‘abnormal’ and told Athens News Agency that many fires broke out almost simultaneously, even in areas and times that an ‘accidental cause cannot be justified.”

“It’s not coincidence that five fires break out within one and a half hour during the night,” Chief of the  Fire Brigades, Lieutenant General Vasilis Kapelios stressed.

From the eleven initial wildfires, four were under control, a new one broke out in Kalamaki on Sunday afternoon.

Difficult hours ofr the village of Agalas, where the fire brigades struggle that the fire does not reach the houses of the settlement.

Strong winds blowing with intensity of 6 and even 7 Beaufort make the fire extinction difficult.

Around 200 firefighters are at work, water dropping aircraft and helicopters.

Many volunteers have gathered late Sunday afternoon to assist as support to firefighters but also in logistics.

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