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One dead as car crashes in bus carrying Belgian tourists to Knossos

A very serious accident between a private car and a touristic bus carrying 38 Belgians to archeological site of Knossos occurred in Hersonisos on the island of Crete on Saturday morning. Dead is the car driver, while three of the bus passengers were slightly injured and taken to the general hospital of Herakleio.

According to local media, the private car crashed on the bus that toppled over a bridge, landed into an olive grove and crashed on an olive tree. The private car spun into the oncoming traffic,  hit another car. The driver is believed to have died on the spot.

ANT1 TV reported that the bus fell from a height of 10 meters.

Fire brigades, rescuers, policemen and ambulances rushed to the accident scene to pull out people trapped in the vehicles involved.

The driver and a passenger of the second (white) vehicle were unharmed. The passenger told, that the driver of the red car was driving like crazy.

Injured were two Belgian tourists: one man on the nose and a woman in her leg. The bus driver suffered a hand injury when branches of the olive tree broke the window glass.

The bus had reportedly left the resort of Sisi for a daily excursion to the archaeological site of Knossos and the Archaeological Museum of Herakleio. The tourists who were unharmed were transferred back to their hotels with another bus of the touristic company.

Traffic police investigates the circumstances of the accident.

In a post of social media, the brother of the dead driver, a 41-year-old local man, called on people to avoid get into a car and drive if they are tired or have been drinking.

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