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Rainfalls, Storms, Hail… sudden change in the August weather

Enough with this permanent sunshine and the high temperatures. Meteorologists forecast a sudden change in the weather with rainfalls and sporadic storms and temperature drop up to 5 degrees Celsius.

Forecast Monday, 21 August 2017

The rain weather will set initially in northern Greece and will gradually move to most of the continental parts as well as to the Ionian and the Northwest Aegean Sea.

The phenomena will be locally very intense, hail is possible.



















By late Monday night, the weather will improve in the most areas affected but continue in Halkikidi, the Sporades islands and the East Thessaly.

Air temperature 

up to 33 degrees Celsius in Northern Greece

up to 32 in Western Greece

up to 34 in continental Greece

up to 31 in Sporades, Cyclades and North Crete, up to 34 in the other parts of the Aegean Sea.





































Low intensity  from different directions in the North Aegean, from Northwest  with 3-5 Beaufort in Central and South Aegean Sea.

Ionian Sea up to 4-5 B.

Athens / Attica

Few clouds that will increase during the hot hours of the day, temporary rainfall or storm in the north parts of Attica. Temperature up to 33 C.

Same weather forecast for Thessaloniki.

I see very slight south wind in Athens in early afternoon, which means we will slowly boil in a sticky pan.



















Temperature is expected to fall on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 22-23, and then will rise again to normal seasonal levels.

Tuesday, August 22

Wednesday, August 23

Thursday, August 24

Friday, August 25

Strong north winds of  8 Beaufort in North and Central Cyclades, August 25-26, 2017

sources: meteo.gr, poseidon-system, and others

PS And then it’s four months to Christmas…

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