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German tourist injured as he tried to save a goat chased by a dog

A German tourist literally risked his life trying to save a goat that was chased by a dog. The man  suffered serious injuries when he fell into a rocky area on the island of Antiparos.

The middle-aged man and his wife were walking along the sea side in the west part of the island on Tuesday afternoon.

Suddenly they saw a dog chasing a goat. They decided to not just stand inert as the poor goat was running of her life.

The 60-year-old animal lover started to run after the two animals to save the goat from the dog’s teeth.

However, he fell into a rocky area and suffered serious injuries mainly in the face.

He suffered a heavy bleeding and he was transferred initially to the health center of the nearby island of Paros. From there, he was flown to a hospital in Athens.

His life is not in danger, however, the sharp rocks injured him seriously. the circumstance of his fall are not known.

Απίστευτο! Θλιβερό περιστατικό παρ΄ ολίγον να εξελιχθεί σε τραγωδία σε παραλία της Αντιπάρου…


There are no reports about the fate of the chased animal.

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