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Lottery vs Tax Evasion: 1,000 lucky taxpayer to share €1million per month

The government is expected to issue a ministerial decision in early September that paves the way for the launch of a lottery with cash prizes, awarded to taxpayers based on the value of their transactions using credit cards and other plastic money.

According to media, each tax-payer will be issued a number of lottery tickets corresponding to the value of their electronic transactions. These tickets will then be entered into a monthly lottery that will share out one million euros in prizes.

The basic scenario envisages an average of 1,000 winners each month, who will then be awarded approximately 1,000 euros each.

Tax free, I hope!

The purpose of the measure is to combat tax evasion, since tax payers will have an incentive to use their credit/debit cards for their transactions.

The idea of awarding taxpayers with sweepstakes lotteries first came up on 2013. The original plan of the finance ministry under conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was to offer a rich  variety of incentives and featured prizes, starting from a 10% deduction of Value Added Tax up to a brand new car or even an attractive vacation for two. that plan was never materialized.

PS I have no idea how the finance ministry will separate Greek taxpayers from foreign tourists, if payments are via credits, debit etc cards. Or will be tourists just excluded?

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  1. How will they also be able to tell the difference between Expats and Tourists

  2. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    Obviously, only bank cards issued within Greece by Greek banks will be included. To get a Greek bank credit card you need to have paid Greek taxes; not sure about who is able to get a debit card, though.

  3. Most expats have both tax number and Greek bank account, with card. They don’t necessarily pay tax, though. Certainly retirees won’t be paying Greek income tax, although if they own a home they’ll be paying ENFIA. Plus local taxes via the electricity bill. Plus VAT on everything they buy.