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Sweet shop owner pours pancake batter over tax auditors in Lefkada

The owner of a sweet shop specialized in crepes was reportedly not angry about tax auditors keep  coming into his shop, checking again and again whether he was issuing receipts for the sweet or savory crepes he was selling, whether he was applying the tax laws by the book so that the state did not suffered losses. But then one evening, the owner of the shop in the center of the city of Lefkada on the Ionian island of the same time got out of control. He grabbed two buckets of crepes batter and poured them over the tax auditors.

The creperie owner let the tax auditor prevail. He had reportedly never complain. Until last Saturday… His tolerance and patience was over. He took a bucket with pancake batter and poured it over one of the tax auditors.

According to, a local news website,  the auditors went to the creperie also on Saturday evening. Despite the fact that the owner had issued receipts for every item he had sold, the auditors wanted to fine him “because the receipts were not distributed to the tables where the customers sat.”  The state would not suffer losses on Value Added Tax, but the auditors wanted to fine him.

Apparently the auditors suspected that the owner could use the receipts for future customers.

Different is the tax auditors’ version on the matter. They claim that at the time they entered the shop they found out that the owner had not issued 7 receipts. Therefore, the fine.

When one of the tax auditor sat at one of the tables, the owner came from the back carrying two buckets of batter and poured them over the woman form the tax office of Pyrgos, Peloponnese.

The incident occurred in front of the stunning customers and the other tax auditors.

The shop owner fled, the tax auditors went to the police station nearby to file a law suit. Later the shop owner was detained and the shop was closed.

One of the customers shot this picture a couple of seconds after the batter attack and submitted it exclusively to

The local website expresses discontent over the  tax audits writing that “the tourist season on the island lasts one month and in this one month local businessmen struggle to earn enough to come along in the other 11 months of the year. In addition, the state chases the businessmen.”

Tax auditors are furious about the increasing attack incidents and call for a legal frame work that will protect them form attacks.

“With two buckets of crepe batter  he doused [the  tax auditor] in the presence of customers and employees at the most central point of Lefkada , with verbal attacks and a cruelty incompatible with every principle of dignity, he denigrated the auditors’ personalities and tried to nullify auditing actions and to avoid account on seven tax law infringements,” the union of tax employees of Pyrgos said in a statement.

The head of Greece’s Independent Authority for Public Revenues (AADE) , in charge of the tax audits warned, the AADE “will not tolerate obstacles on its works.” Head Girgos Pitsilis threatened those trying to prevent inspections “with higher penalties.” For one more time he called for a tight legal framework.

On a Greek TV channel, I hear, there were considerations that assign policemen for tax auditors’ protection.

A couple of weeks ago, a shop owner in Volos, Central Greece, has yet to prove that he did not shoot in the air to scare the tax auditors in his shop. Also here, the shop owner complained about been bullied by the auditors.

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