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Toddler dies after falling into cesspool of Child Care Facility in Corinth

A 2.5-year-old toddler found a tragic death when he fell into the cesspool of the Child Care Facility. The facility located in Ancient Corinth, north Peloponnese, is a branch of the non-profit child care the Child’s Smile. The branch is currently hosting 38 children and young adults, aged 3 to 24 years old.

The toddler fell into the cesspool in a depth of four meters on Tuesday morning, while works were conducted there. Firefighters removed the body of the child, an ambulance transferred it to the hospital. The toddler was dead when he arrived at the hospital. Doctors’ efforts to revive the child were fruitless.

The accident occurred at 9:30 in the morning, when a truck was emptying the cesspool.

The chairman of the Child’s Smile, Kostas Giannopoulos, told media that all children and personnel were inside in order to avoid any accident. “The little boy escaped the attention of those responsible,” he said.

According to Giannopoulos, a 10-year-old child set to run outside but the personnel managed to prohibit it from coming close to the truck.

They run to prevent the older child, the toddler escaped and fell in the cesspool.

Giannopoulos was shocked by the tragedy that he was not able to give additional information about the toddler. Whether the boy was orphaned or had parents and the reason it was hosted in the facility.

The Child’s Smile offers aid to children that have fallen victims to violence, live in poverty or have permanent health problems.

Local media report that police arrested four people: two women assigned the duties to accompany minors and two workers at the cesspool. Another media wrote that also the woman in charge of the whole facility was arrested.

Investigation continues.

An autopsy on the toddler’s boy is due.

Some media give the toddler’s age as 3.

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