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Big SAR operation to locate missing UK tourist, 64, in Rodopi, NE Greece

Police and Fire brigades are searching for a 64-year-old British tourist who has been missing since Thursday afternoon in Thrace in north-eastern Greece. After a visit to a local archaeological site, the woman had decided to return on foot. She called her relatives in UK that she was attacked by stray dogs. Contact to the UK tourist was lost ever since.

According to state broadcaster ERT TV “3 o’clock News”, the woman left the pansion where she was staying in Maroneia, Rodopi prefecture,  the archaeological site of Mesimvria. She went to the site per taxi.

Speaking to ERT, the taxi driver said the woman wanted to walk back, a distance of several kilometers along the coast line.

A challenging hike for somebody who does not know the area and is thus on foot.

At some point, the woman called her mother and her brother in London, saying that she was attacked by stray dogs.

On their part, her relatives informed the Greek police through the UK’s diplomatic mission.

A search and rescue operation was launched at 11 o’ clock at Thursday night.

The SAR operation concentrates in the area Maroneia – Synaxi – Petrota.

Members of Police, the Fire Service, the rescue units of the Fire Brigades (EMAK), of local associations as well as one search dog participate in the operation.

The woman was last seen at 4:30 in the afternoon on Thursday by swimmers at the beach of Petrota.

The area has bad signal for mobile phones. Her mobile of the missing UK tourist was ringing until five o’ clock in the morning but she never responded to the calls or return them.

Attempts to locate her mobile turned fruitless.

Members of the local rescue team of Red Cross and the Mountain Climbers Association of Komotini participate in the SAR, while the assistance of the Flight Club of Komotini was to be sought.

Local media report that also a coast guard vessel is taking part.

By  3:45 p.m. Friday, Sept 22nd 2017, the search operation has brought no result.

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