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Tragic end: Missing British tourist found dead in Petrota, NE Greece

The body of the British tourist who went missing two days ago was found at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday. The woman’s body was found by rescuers in the area Pyrgos of Petrota in the prefecture of Rodopi in north-eastern Greece.

According to local media, the  body was in “a terrible condition, perhaps she was attacked by wild animals.”

An autopsy is expected to shed light to the causes of her death.

The 64-year-old UK tourist had left the pansion in Maroneia per taxi to visit the archaeological site of Mesimvria. She had decided to return on foot.

At some point she had called her relatives in London and informed them that she was attacked by wild dogs.

More details in: Search operation to find missing UK tourist

A big Search and Rescue Operation was launched on Thursday night, efforts to find the woman continued with the assistance also of local volunteers.

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  1. Horrible thing to happen but this was expected.
    Greece has never dealt with stray dogs. I have seen packs of dogs running wild
    among the tourists at beachside resort cities. I once counted 13 dogs outside a popular
    beachside cafe. The dogs would always harass anything that went by.

    I keep hearing about the 5,000 Euro penalty imposed on people that would harass a dog.
    Thus Greeks just let the dogs roam….in front of offices, in front of churches, at town squares,
    at the airport and outside hospitals.

    The nation doesnt display any sort of serious intent to make things better for its citizens and
    for investors. It is a ship that has run aground against the rocks and has no one at the bridge capable
    of steering the vessel. Mind you that there are many people that would like to put their hands on the
    wheel but they are incapable….

    Steer clear of Greece. It is hardly the best place to visit as a tourist and definitely not a place for business.
    Filth, Graffiti, Empty Buildings, no energy, no outlook for anything great to happen anytime soon as the nation is populated by elderly and by women seeking sugar daddies.

    The nation is centuries behind the civilized world when it comes to Law, Planning, Property Registry and Health.
    There are many more things that are lacking. It is difficult for a foreign investor and 10x more difficult for an overseas Greek to maneuver the system. It is hard to grasp the motivation of the Greek. Once a business person comes to understand the simple fact that Greeks react to short term gains, then the investor will be able to conduct some sort of ‘business’ in the nation. The bad thing is that true investors seek long term relationships in stable countries. With the Greek mentality of short term and sometimes instant gratification, then there is no hope for external investors coming in to save Greece. It is better to steer clear of Greece and invest elsewhere.

    Shlomo has spoken….

  2. You must be one of those fat retards that lives in his mothers basement that Trump was talking about.
    You probably don’t have a dime to invest and think that Greece is the center of the world. The Greek economy can other even sustain a local Kolobaro. They have all shut down. Grandma is running out of money to help out. Maybe your support for hosting fees to this website can be obtained by some special subsidy from the Tsipras gang? Nonsense and fantasy come from little boys such as yourself that promote the illusion that Greece will amount to something. The country is on a downward spiral and has far exceeded the patience of the world’s markets and leaders. Come on dude, it’s been practically ten years of Greeks waiting for a saviour. It’s time the Greeks get off their associated and clean up their act and get to work and pay their taxes as the rest of the world does. Remember, the Greeks were the ones that wanted the euro and membership in the EU more than anyone. When you want t9 play with the big boys you either put up or shut up. Greeks have to bow their head and listen and learn.

  3. Shlomo, I do not know where you are from, and you do have point about the dogs (that are NOT all over Greece!) and about investors, etc, BUT, for yur information, Greece is one of the safest places in the world..graffiti, filth, empty and women looking for sugar daddies is ALL OVER THE WORLD you bumbling idiot…the Philippines, Japan, Korea, third world countries are filled with whore houses on main streets, empty building hoarding withndrug addicts and proustites, and as we may have stray dogs roaming the streets, the rest of this world, and your country probably reeks with drug addicts, proustites, murderers, muggers, that you do not find in Greece, as much as you do in the rest of Europe, and most countries! Greece is the safest place in then world, and it’s island get loaded with tourists that want to live here and buy homes to settle down! We have more Germans in certain nparts of Greece, and British retiree’s that have come to live the rest of their lives in this beautful safe country! DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER…or by some mishaps here and there..that happenmin a bigger extent in all then other countries! Dip your tinge in your brain then mouth your opinion!

  4. A sad event. My deepest sympathy and condolences to her friends and family.

    However, Greece is still a wonderful place to visit as a tourist. It’s a wonderful country with people who are passionate and strong despite the bad deal they’ve had in many cases. Please take the negative comment with a giant giant pinch of salt. I’m British and I live in Greece. It’s my home and yes, the economy is a mess, and yes, it’s not the place for every type of business. However, Greece has something very very special which clearly the other commenter has failed to see or perhaps simply doesn’t appreciate. It is a beautiful country and sure, compared to some places it may feel ‘behind the times’. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. In fact for me, this is part of it’s charm. Why not go back to a slightly simpler time with less stress? Sure, this place is not for everyone and yes, it has graffiti, yes, it is a bit dirty in places, yes, I’m sure there are ladies who look for sugar daddies…what country doesn’t have those things? No energy? Are you sure you’ve been to Greece? The energy and spirit of the Greeks cannot be matched. Perhaps you didn’t find your energy while visiting.
    As for the dogs. Greece is undergoing a lot of changes with regard to animal welfare. Most of the dogs you see are absolutely fine temperament-wise. I agree it is a shame that so many are on the streets and slowly the attitude of the Greeks is changing meaning that more and more stray dogs are being adopted from the streets and given loving homes. There simply are not the resources required to launch a government-funded initiative to remove stray dogs from the street and house them in shelters. This is a great shame and the animal charities here do all they can to ensure the street animals are neutered and vaccinated. I think there absolutely should be a penalty for people who are cruel to animals. They are lucky if they just get away with a fine.
    I’m not sure what Greek upset you for you to be so bitter or what business idea of yours failed to come to fruition. Perhaps if you view the Greeks as people; people with lives and passion who might live in difficult conditions, then you might just get a less frosty reception and come to learn what drives their motivation.

  5. Some points on this story. I know tis area and have been camping there–was there in April-May of this past year. There are no packs of wild dogs that I saw. Packs of stray dogs are usually found in cities, where they might find food. Sheepdogs do not attack people, either, though they do bark a lot.

    The current theory is that the woman was savaged by a rabid wolf. This is also nonsense as there are no wolves in coastal areas. The saliva traces can be tested for rabies.

    There are jackals in the area, but these are small animals and quite shy. They do not attack humans. We have lots of jackals on Samos where I live.

    The most likely explanation is that the woman was attacked by a guard dog that got out of its yard. The area along the coast has many villas, where frightened people keep vicious attack dogs like rottweilers, dobermans and pit bulls. If one of these got out, it might attack someone. People should not be allowed to keep vicious dogs they cannot control, and attacks do happen.

    I hope this sad story does not result in mass poisonings by local authorities. Many innocent pets are often killed when that happens. I have already lost two dogs to poison, an it is not a good solution to the stray dog problem.