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Famous Nammos loses beach contract over blocking public access

The Public Assets Department of the Greek Finance Ministry suspended the permission of beach use by famous Nammos restaurant and nightclub on the island of Mykonos. Reason for the suspension was that Nammos owners built a platform and a ramp for a concert in late August thus preventing public access to the beach.

According to the decision published on Friday evening, the club management built a stage and metal-wood staircase covering 236 square meters, on Aug. 31, 2017 to host a concert. This had violated the lease contract’s terms, the decision said.

According to the decision, the contract only allows the establishment, officially known as Nammos Restaurant by the Sea, 339.6 square meters on the beach in order to place sun umbrellas and beds.

Any other installation that would alternate the natural morphology incl. sound systems above 50 decibel was against the contract terms, notes citing the published decision.

The contract was signed beginning of July for three years. notes that the specific nightclub has been under intense scrutiny by tax inspectors over recent years, following charges that standing-room-only concerts by top-billed entertainers had yielded meager receipts and VAT remittances.

Reports of tables reserved for tens of thousands of euros, epicurean dinners and depleted stocks of expensive champagne during the Nammos concerts were rife in the Greek press.

If I am not wrong at the said concert even camels were brought to the delight of  Arab and Turkish billionairess…

Now some wonder why local authorities did not intervene while the platform was being built.

PS as if it is the only leased beach where public access to the sea is prohibited. One has just to try the otherwise wonderful one-kilometer-long beach at the beginning of Voula suburb of south Athens. Knock at the closed doors… Alternative: pay entrance to gain access at the organized beach next door.  hohoho

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