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Floods and landslides as heavy storm strikes the island of Samothraki

An unprecedented heavy storm. Streets turned into rivers, walls in the City Hall collapsed, the Health Center and several houses and shops have been flooded and the water supply was cut when a storm hit the island of Samothraki in the Northern Aegean Sea on Monday night. Locals speak of a “biblical” disaster.

EKTAKTO: Έντονη κακοκαιρία "χτυπά" το νησί της Σαμοθράκης

Landlsides occurred along the traffic network, the island has been divided into two after damages clocked a main road and villages in the area of Lakkoma remain isolated from the rest of the island.

A bridge on the road between Kamariotissa and Chora was swept way by the wild waters.

The Fire Brigades had to intervene and rescue four people from a private vehicle trapped in the stream bed of Kakia Meria.

Σαμοθράκη: ΚΙΝΔΥΝΕΨΑΝ 4 άτομα όταν ακινητοποιήθηκαν σε ρέμα με αυτοκίνητο. Τους έσωσε η Πυροσβεστική

The Municipality of Samothraki issued a statement last on Monday warning locals and tourists to refrain from moving around. “Due to the strong storm hitting the island on the night of 5. Sept 2017, citizens must avoid unnecessary movement as wells as car rides. those in need of health services must contact the authorities first,” the statement said.

The waters run through the towns and the villages of the island.

In some cases the water reached the second floor of some building, vehicles were swept away. Dozens of local businesses but also agricultural land have suffered extensive damages.

The Mayor said that the waters were running through the City Hall bringing walls to collapse, while the health center was flooded with mud, even on the first floor.

There were occasional power cuts, while problems occurred also in the telecommunications, especially for mobile phones.

With Mayor’s order, schools remain closed on Tuesday.

video: via weathernews, posted by Roula Konsalaki on FB

The storm started around 7 o’ clock in the evening, by 9:30 the storm intensified, it was pouring for three hours. By 2:39 am Tuesday, hen the rain recording meter at the local meteorological station was damaged. By that time it had recorded 313mm of rain.

Water tanks are sent to the island.

Some 200 army soldiers are being deployed to the island to help with the removal of the debris and damage recovery.

Video: Tue morning – mud everywhere

Authorities declared Samothraki on ‘State of emergency’ by Tuesday noon.

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