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Municipality of Rhodes awards loyal tourists from Denmark, UK and Germany

The Tourism Directorate of the Municipality of Rhodes awarded several tourists from Denmark, England, Scotland and Germany for being “loyal” visitors to the Knights’ island. More than 20 tourists received Awards of Honorary Distinctions of the Friends of Rhodes at a ceremony hosted at the City Hall of Rhodes.

The awarded tourists have been visiting the island over a period of several years, some of them also more than once a year.

According to local newspaper, among the top visitors awarded at the ceremony were Mrs Ingeborg Juul from Denmark who has visited Rhodes more than 50 times, Mrs Ulla Sundholm from Sweden who has visited the island more than 40 times, Mr Malcom Brookes from England who has been vising the island for 37 years.

Many of the frequent visitors also stay in the same hotels and other tourist facilities.
“We honor these visitors as a minimal sign of gratitude, joy and satisfaction they give us by choosing the island of Rhodes as the place where they spend their holidays over several years and some of them over several decades,” deputy mayor Mariza Chatzilazarou said during the ceremony. 
The tourists thanked the Rhodes authorities for the awards. has posted all the names of the loyal tourists who received the honorary award.
PS I wonder if also other Greek municipalities have the tradition to award their frequent visitors from abroad.

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