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Greece’s public sector employees earn 38% more than private sector workers

Employees in Greece’s public sector earn much more than their colleagues in the private sector. According to a report by Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) private sectors workers earn an average of 38% less than in the public sector

The SEV figures reveal that private sector workers still carry the heavy burden of the economic crisis, and they get paid less. Moreover they are facing the ghost of unemployment month in month out.

The wage difference between private and public sector workers is at 300 euros net salary per month.

According to SEV research, private sector employees receive an average monthly salary of 77o euros net, while public employees receive 1,075 euros.

In the first half of 2017, wage earners in the private sector lost -1.3%. In 2017 and 2016 they had in increase of +0.7% and 2.3% respectively.

At the same time, public sector wages continued to increase by 0.1%, while by 2015 they had risen by 3.2% and by 1.9% by 2016.

PS no wonder that Greek employees still wish for a job at the public sector that apart from giving a better monthly salary it also has a bunch of extra benefits of its employees. Of course, this money comes together from the taxes the worse paid private sector employees. But nobody, neither the state nor the public sector employees do care about it…

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  1. Not to mention the government employees still being paid for sitting around doing nothing at our airport now Frapport have taken it over!
    They didn’t want to work for Frapport and now have no jobs but they are still at the airport drinking coffee all day.

  2. That’s the Greek dream though; drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, and get paid to do it!

  3. Venezula part 2?