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Foreign weddings banned in Lindos after Brit couple performs sex act outside church

Local authorities of Lindos and the Metropolis of Rhodes banned foreign weddings after a UK couple posted a snap from a sex act outside a church. Another similar incident occurred in Cyprus. Is this the new trend by sex hungry brides from the United Kingdom?

Bishop Kyrillos of the Metropolis of Rhodes banned all foreigners’ political weddings at St Paul’s Monastery in Lindos after a published picture showed a British couple in sex action.

“We cannot allow the deification of the Monastery in the name of profit,” Bishop Kyrillos said in a statement to state broadcaster ERT. He added that Lindos has also other facilities for an ideal wedding ceremony.

The decision to ban all foreigner’s weddings was taken after a British bride was shown to perform a sexual act on the newly wed husband.

The picture triggered an outrage, especially as the church was showing in the background.

Bishop Kyrillos stressed the performance of political weddings was a requirement of the local community and underlined that things have gotten out of control.

“Political weddings will be stopped as of next year,” the Bishop said wondering at the same time ” why do they want a church in the background if they do not perform a religious wedding?”

The provocative picture was shot on September 25th. The wedding ceremony of the young British couple was performed by the president of the municipal community of Lindos, who left right after he had concluded his duties.

The couple stayed in the area together with relatives and friends for some pictures for the wedding album of the unforgettable day.

The photo shooting included also a pose where the bride performed oral sex to the groom. The couple posted the unique wedding picture on Facebook, the snap went viral and the anger was there.

Giorgos Eleftheriou, the president of the local Lindos community decided to bar foreign weddings after the snap went viral.

The couple admitted they regret to have taken the picture after the ban of weddings triggered also an outrage among the foreign couples planning to get married in picturesque Lindos and idyllic St Paul’s Monastery.

According to UK’s The Sun, the groom, a car breakdown firm worker, said: “It’s been blown out of proportion. We were just pretending and having a laugh. The Greeks have completely over-reacted. We don’t think we did anything wrong but we regret it and wish we hadn’t bothered.”

Eleftheriou told The Times “I have hundreds of soon-to-be brides from Britain and all over the world calling me today in tears because of this decision.

“We are Greek and we cherish our traditions and the sanctity of our religious sites. We cannot allow this disgusting behaviour to prevail.”

Now they newlyweds could be sued by brides and grooms if their weddings were cancelled because of the unforgettable snap.

Not to mention the wedding planners in UK and Rhodes offering full wedding packages…

Surprise trend! One more British couple shot a similar oral-sex picture outside a church in Cyprus. It was fun and hilarious, the couple told UK’s media.

What is fun and hilarious for some can be offending and insulting to others. Especially to Greek-Orthodox who have recently seen their churches being misused for advertising purposes with no sigh of respect to symbols that are holy for millions of people.

Ignorance and lack of culture.

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  1. Sometimes (actually quite often these days) I’m ashamed to be British…..

  2. This is stupid, but it should have nothing to do with the Church. Those acts are banned in public!

  3. Yes, it’s illegal. Very immature also. Apparently they have no shame, but they should. Can’t they wait to get back to the UK and do it there, and see what happens to them then?

  4. I too am often ashamed to be british. They Should be arrested, heavily fined, deported and have there passports confiscated when they get home.

    Morons such as these should not be allowed unsupervised, much less be allowed abroad.