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“Daedalus” lands with rainstorms, hail, strong winds, snow, low temperatures

Powerful low barometric phenomenon they call Daedalus has landed in Greece with rainstorms, hail, strong winds and low temperatures. Is this the definite end of swimming season? Not, yet.

According to Greek National Meteorological Service the bad weather front sets in from the North Ioanian Sea on Monday morning, October 23, in North-West and gradually extends to the rest of the country.

Rain and thunderstorms started already in Epirus, West Macedonia and Thessaly.

By noon Daedalus will have moved to the East and South and reach Central Macedonia, West Sterea, Peloponnese.

By the afternoon, the bad weather will have affected East Macedonia, Thrace, islands of the North-East Aegean Sea, possible the eastern Cyclades islands and Crete.

Areas affected on Tuesday are: Thrace, Eastern Aegean islands, Dodecanese, possibly Crete and East Macedonia. Towards the evening, Daedalus will strike again East and Central Macedonia – mainly Halkidiki peninsula, the rest of the North Aegean island and possibly also the island group of the Sporades.

On Wednesday, the phenomena will affect mostly the central and south areas of the mainland, while the weather is expected to gradually improve in the West and the North.

On Thursday, Daedalus will be moving more to the South with strong phenomena to strike the island of Crete.

Friday 27. Oct 2017

Saturday, 28. Oct 2017


Generally 4-5 Beaufort, locally  in North Aegean Sea , Rio-Antirio in the Corinth Gulf up to 8 B and even 9B in Gythio-Kythera in South Peloponnese.























































Air temperature























































Snow in the high mountains of East Epirus and West Macedonia is expected in the night from Monday to Tuesday and more to the South during the day.






































Forecast for Athens and Attica

Light shower on Monday afternoon and Tuesday, rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

Temperature between 14 and 24 degrees Celsius

Wind will be blowing form several directions with an average intensity of  3-4 Beaufort. Strong winds with up to 5-6 Beaufort are expected in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

source: EMY,, poseidonsystem


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