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Dog Brio finds supersized rare white truffle in Northern Greece

An unusually large, rare and expensive gastronomic treasure was found in Northern Greece. The   large white truffle (Tuber magnatum) weighs 510 grams. It is the largest ever white truffle found in Greece in recent years. White truffles usually weight 50-150 grams.

The rare white truffle was found by the associate of the Natural History Museum of Meteora and the Mushroom Museum, Christos Plesiotis, and his truffle hunting dog Brio.

According to the meteoramusuem, Plesiotis is truffle hunter, chef and owner of a large dog farm for truffle hunting dogs Lagotto Romagnolo.

Dog Brio discovered the large truffle discovered in the Greek mountains.

Truffles like this are sold for a good amount of money and end up either in expensive restaurants and luxury homes or in charity auctions, where the sums spend can be “astronomical” as the Meteora Museum notes. In the past white truffles have been sold at auctions against $ 330,000.

Both Plesiotis and the Museum hope that this large truffle can help to raise money for a charity cause.

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