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Racists throw stones at home of Afghan pupil who was not allowed to carry the Greek flag

It was a horror night for the family of 11-year-old Afghan boy Amir who gained publicity after he was not allowed to carry the Greek flag at the school parade on October 28th. Unknown assailants threw stones at the family home in Dafni suburb of south Athens and left a paper where they had written “Go away, back to your village, go”


Amir holding the paper the assailants left behind – pictures by the Athens Municipality

The attack took place at 3 o’ clock Friday morning. The family was sleeping, the noise woke them up.

“The attackers were throwing stones in frenzy” media report, the horrified family called immediately the police.

By the time police arrived at the home, the assailants had left probably hearing the sirens. They left behind damaged doors and windows.

Amir told media that a broken glass his mother was hurt in the foot by a

The refugee family is accommodated in a private apartment with the support of UNHCR.

The decision of the director of the elementary school to not allow Amir to carry the flag at the parade triggered an outrage and in investigation by the Education Ministry. The parents association of the school issued a statement on Thursday expressing support to the school director.

Amir was given the “privilege” to carry the school sign at the parade.


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  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    Greek racists have been a problem for some time, and the Greek state never did anything about them. Now they are more organised and more dangerous — for all of Greek society as well as migrants and ethnic communities.

  2. Next time throw the stones at Merkel’s and Schäuble’s houses.

  3. What about the foreign racists in Greece who hate Greeks? Now they are more dangerous than ever

  4. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    The only people who hate Greeks are other Greeks. But of course, Golden Toilet needs to stir up racism and hatred as much as possible. Without hate, they would get no votes.