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Four slightly injured as elevator cable snaps in AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki

Four people were slightly injured on Friday when the cable of an elevator in AHEPA university hospital in Thessaloniki snapped, causing the elevator cabin to plunge two floors, from the ground floor to two floors in the basement.

At the time of the accident, a stretcher-bearer, two visitors and one medical technician were inside the elevator. They suffered minor injuries.

Union of Public Hospitals Workers (POEDIN) said in a statement that elevators in both buildings of AXEPA hospital frequently malfunction with the effect that often patients cannot be transferred to the surgery departments for surgery. “Elevators often get stuck between two floors, patients, food and garbage are being transferred in the same elevators therefore hospital infections”, POEDIN claimed adding that it has raised the issue that elevators are old and need to be replaced ten years ago.

According to the AHEPA Hospital Management, the company assigned with the elevators maintenance had conducted repair works the previous day as there was a malfunction in the specific elevator.

“We are trying to find out if the previous malfunction is linked to the new one,” AHEPA general manager Spanos told media adding that he called the company for a new technical inspection.Virus, who afterwards called the maintenance company for a technical inspection again. “Once the check is complete, we will know the reason that caused the accident,” he said adding that the management is aware of the permanent problem with the elevators, however, the maintenance company has not proposed their replacement as it issues “good operation” reports.

What would have happened if the elevator was at the fourth floor?

Well… there IS a problem indeed and someone is responsible for it, right?

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