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Weather warning: strong rainfalls, thunderstorms, hail, snow

Greece’s National Meteorology Service (EMY) warns of weather deterioration with heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms and hail falls locally on Saturday, November 4th 2017. snow is expected on the mountainous areas of Central and North Greece.

The strong weather phenomena will affect

the Sporades islands, Euboea and possibly eastern Thessaly and Fthiotida

the Cyclades islands

the Dodecanese and possibly Crete – mainly Eastern Crete.

Thunderstorms started already Saturday mourning in East Attica, Thessaly, Cyclades, Sterea.

Storms are expected to continue locally also beginning of next week in Corfu, South-West Peloponnese.

North-winds will be blowing with intensity 3-5 Beaufort, locally up to 6 and 7 B.



















Temperature will drop

In western Macedonia -1° to 15° C, North Greece 5-18 C, Central Greece 5-17 C, Epirus 6-23 C, West and South Greece 7-20 c, Ionian islands 11-19 C, other parts of mainland 7-17 C, islands in North and North-East Aegean Sea 8-17 C, Sporades islands group 8-16 C, rest of the islands 9-20 C.

in Attica and Athens: temporary rainfalls and sporadic storms mainly in the north of the Prefecture. North, North-East winds 3-4 Beaufort, gradually intensity will increase up to 5 and 6 B. Temperature 12- 17 degrees Celsius. In the North 3-4 degrees lower.

Rain and cloudiness maps












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  1. We have light rain, but no wind, in eastern Crete at the moment (0930 4/10/2017)

  2. Its been raining most of the afternoon here on Crete and looking pretty its pitch black out there up in these mountains above Elounda…its realky chilly 19C

    • keeptalkinggreece

      IT’s chilly in the evening here too!!! Nevertheless, we’re blessed. in some countries 19C is summer 🙂

  3. It was rainy in Dionysos, Attiki until 3:30 PM.