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15-year-old girl knocks down thief with a single karate strike

Lessons in martial arts proved life-saving for a teenager girl on the island of Samos. With a single vital point targeting karate strike she managed to knocked a thief down.

The 15-year-old gymnasium student had left school  Friday noon and was walking to the place where her mother woks. 

At some point she realized someone was following her. She intensified her steps and so did the man. She felt he tried to grab the band of her bag. Without hesitation she applied the self-defense technique she had learned in the local school of martial arts.

With a determined strike to the man’s jaw she knocked him down, he felt on the ground in pain. The girl grabbed her bag and run to her mother.

She told her about the incident and with both parents they went to police. She was able to fully describe the man.

Speaking to private Alpha TV, her father said that she had karate lessons for two years.

According to some media, the man tried also to sexually harass her.

*Thumbnail picture is from a karate competition

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