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UPD British father dies when rainstorm sweeps away family car in Corfu

A 57-year-old British tourist lost his life when rushing waters swept away the car he was driving during a thunderstorm. The tragedy occurred during the time a thunderstorm with torrential rains was striking the island of Corfu in the Northern Ionian Sea on Saturday evening.  In the car were also his wife and two underage children. The family had arrived on Friday for a short vacation on the island.

According to local media, the rushing waters formed a stream on the land road where the car was not and swept the Vitara-type jeep away, into the river in Santa Barbara. The wife called the fire brigades.

It is remains unclear whether it was the fire brigades that rescued the wife and the children or they managed to get off the car alone.

The point is that any help for the driver came too late. He was trapped inside the car and drowned.

Speaking to, the commander of local fire service said that “the three other family members were safe.”

The family was on their way to the tourist accommodation in Santa Barbara-Perivoli in the southern part of Corfu.

The age of the British father is given by local media as “57”, while athensnewsagecy speak of a “55-year-old father.”

UPDATE: a day later, media reported that the man was not British, but a Greek living and working in London.

The tragedy occurred around 10 o’clock Saturday night, when a powerful storm was striking the island.

A mini tornado that swept through the area caused damages in houses and infrastructure in Levkimmi, Marathas, Agios Georgios and Perivoli.

Damages in Levkimmi and Marathias via

According to local media, power outages occurred in the broader area, the storm flooded houses and shops, caused landslides.

Thunderstorm approaching Corfu – picture 06:10 p.m. Saturday

The thunderstorm started to strike Saturday afternoon with what local media call “an unprecedented number of lightning thunder.”

Greece’s National Meteorology Service warns of  new storms in Corfu and west Epirus on Sunday evening, with winds up to 7 Beaufort.

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