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Extreme weather phenomena leave Symi without power, strike Rhodes and Nafplio (videos, picts)

Powerful rainstorms with gusty winds, hail-falls and lightening  have been striking the islands of Rhodes and Symi in the south-eastern Aegean Sea on Monday. Especially hit is the small remote island of Symi that remains without power for several hours by now.

Video posted earlier on Facebook by Symi resident Agapitos Skiathitis

Roads on Symi were turned into real rivers and at least three vehicles at the port were swept away and into the sea. The Coast Guard is reportedly conducting inspection to see whether some driver or passenger is trapped in the cars.

Earlier, ferry Blue Star Patmos was unable to dock at the islands’ port and continued to the port of Rhodes.

Speaking to Alpha TV, the mayor of Symi said that it was pouring down torrential rains and hail for three hours.

A resident told Live News magazine that the roads around the port have turned into swelling streams and that the port was isolated from the rest of the island.

Residents cannot but helplessly watch the remote island being at the grip of the bad weather front as there is not even a fire service. Media report that help and machinery are expected to arrive from the neighboring islands of Kos and Rhodes.


Authorities on Rhodes have warned residents to avoid unnecessary traveling, had closed traffic through the Kremasti bridge, local media report.

Due to the stormy winds, the Dodecanisos Seaways canceled its scheduled trips in the morning, while an aircraft of Aegean Airlines coming from Thessaloniki was unable to land at the airport of Rhodes.

According to Greece’s national Meteorology Service, the extreme weather phenomena are expected to continue in the area also in the upcoming hours.


Barometric low Euridike stroke Greece coming form the North-West. It first stroke the island of Corfu on Saturday and then moved southwards.

Monday morning Eurdike poured huge tons of water in Argolida, East Peloponnese flooding thousands of acres of agricultural land, homes and businesses and causing big damages.

Πλημμύρισαν χείμαρροι και ρέματα στο Ναύπλιο (βίντεο)

Swollen Ramantani stream

Particularly affected were Nafplio and the surrounding area.

Weather Forecast

Euridike will keep on lashing at Greece in the following hours and days.

Tue Nov 14/2017

Wed Nov 15

More maps here

Weather Forecast Weather Warning Nov 13-17/2017

The weather is expected to slightly improve on Sunday.



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