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The “invisible” victims of flash floods: Help for surviving animals!

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It was heartbreaking to watch the dogs of a missing man, probably buried under tons of mud and rubble in the basement of a house Mandra, the area most affected by the deadly flash floods in West Attica.  Fire brigades and rescue teams have been tirelessly trying since Wednesday afternoon to remove the rubble and soak the mud that was up to 1.5-meter height.

Broadcaster ERT reported, he had called his mother living on the second floor of the house on Tuesday night telling her he was going to sleep in the basement. Ever since the powerful force of nature swept through the area, his family had no sign by him. They assumed that the man was still in the basement. On Wednesday morning and afternoon and night on Thursday morning and noon and early afternoon as well.

Among the firemen and the rescue teams, the man’s two dogs are coming and going and sniff around.

“His dog are there. Every once in a while they go into the hole and sniff,” the reporter said. “The man’s relatives are certain the man is still in the basement, because his dogs are still there.”

These dogs maybe be lucky in their misery. They are alive.

+++ A few minutes after the post was uploaded, the body of the dogs’ owner was recovered. He is the 16th victim of the unprecedented disaster.

Dozens if not hundreds of animals have died in the floods. They are invisible victims of the disaster.

picture & text by photographer Yannis Kemmos : I know we all have in mind the people who have been lost, the disasters that have happened. And I must admit, by the time I saw this innocent little creature drowned at the edge of a strait in Mandra, I had not thought at all how many souls were still lost and will never know how many.
I leave the picture posted here despite the cruelty of the image, as a reminder that people were lost, fortunes were lost, but not only these.

The number of those who were killed is not known. Farm animals, pets, strays.

Video: horse in the floods – Mandra, West Attica, 15 Nov 2017

Some have survived. Nobody knows how. They will never tell. But they are hungry and need care. And some maybe have been injured and need help.

Animal lovers and welfare organizations in the area cry for help.

They need food for dogs and cats, foster homes especially for puppies but also help to transport injured animals to the vet.

How can you help?

Contact Giorgos Sartetakis, well-known animal lover in the area of Mandra. He told animal issues website zoosos.gr, that many of the strays he was taking care of have disappeared, while others, cats and dogs and not only strays, have made their appearance back on the streets.

Giorgos Sartzetakis mobile: 6978820564 and on Facebook.


Forster homes, at least for puppies, food for cats and dogs: Volunteers’ Animal Welfare group Nea Peramos-Megara  mobile:698681206


Iban: gr6301402740274002101119312
Reason for payment: sos megara

Paypal : [email protected]
Reason of payment: SOS MEGAR

The Greek Vets Volunteers Initiative (EDKE) has a list with several veterinarians in the broader area of the flood-ridden areas who offer first aid free of charge for animals injured during the floods.

Among others these vets are in Salamina, Elefsina, Athens, Loutraki but also in Athens and Piraeus suburbs. Please, check the list here

Update No 21/2017:

All animal lovers and volunteers have been tirelessly working since Nov 15 to rescue injured animals, feed dogs and cats in the area, seek foster homes for animals in need, especially puppies, arrange adoptions, unite pets with their owners.

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Many pet owners have lost everything in the flash floods that killed 21 people.

They are unable to take care of their pets.

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Last minute rescues….

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PS Let’s help the few animal lovers of Mandra and Nea Peramos.


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