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Powerful Metropolit Amvrosios to stand trial for incite hate against gays

The Metropolit of Kalavryta and Aegialeia, Amvrosios, is to stand trial in March next year for inciting hate and violence against the gay community.  A prosecutor accepted the lawsuit filed against Amvrosios by nine citizens who are reportedly gay.

In 2015, Metropolit Amvrosios lashed out at homosexuals writing on his website “Spit on them! Deprecate them! Vote against them!” Reason the holy man‘s rant was a bill the Greek Palriament was voting about the so-called ‘civil partnership agreements’ for couples of the same sex.

Amvrosios, one of the toughest hardliners of the Greek orthodox Church and a powerful man, called them among others scums of society, outcasts, defective, humiliating,  people of darkness and the damned of the society.

In January 2016, nine gays filed a lawsuit against Ambvrosios for “inciting hate and violence” (law against racism) but in addition for “abuse of ecclesiastic office.” Article 196 of the Penal Code, provides that “a religious officer who during his work or publicly and in his capacity provokes or incites citizens to animosity against the political power or against other citizens  is punished with  imprisonment of up to three years. “

The lawsuit states that Metropolit Amvrosios clearly incited citizens to use violence against other citizens thus abusing his function as a public person. His statements were “an open invitation for lynching us”.

They also state that Amvrosios statement cannot be justified as “freedom of expression” as incitement to commit offenses and humiliate others is not covered by freedom of expression as this like other freedoms are subject to restrictions.

The lawsuit was upheld by a prosecutors, who referred Amvrosios to trial and set the date for 15. March 2018 in a court of Aigio town in North Peloponnese.

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  1. *sigh* – Another Soros-financed show trial.

    This is hugely necessary of course since here in oppressive fascist Greece homosexuality is utterly forbidden. Thus the terrified and traumatised gay “community” lives in trembling fear of their lives and are forced to creep around in the shadows, in constant danger of beatings, imprisonment, having their hands chopped off, 1000 public lashings by whip and death.

  2. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    About time that Greek priests were made to obey the law of the land and show some respect for the society, instead of foisting their offensive and backward views on Greece.

    And it has nothing to do with Soros. Why would it? Some commenters here are paranoid and irrational.

  3. @ktg:
    I thought you would read the comments before posting?
    Tsigantes comment is so wrong on so many layers, I am baffled you left it here w/o a correction from your side.
    Starting with the first line, Tsigantes confirms his worldview full of Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories – WTF? Greek state trying to bring some rationale to stubborn old men not obeying the law is a “Soros-financed show trial”
    You seem to be utterly blind in your hatred. No, homosexuality is not forbidden in Greece. Inciting hate and violence is on the other hand – and this is the accusation against this scumbag.
    Your other examples are correct – Regions hardly ever proved to be open to new ideas and respecting laws.

  4. @Tsigantes: Yes, just another new world order bunch of BS. The bureaucrats in Brussels and the moronic “political correctness” wave (imported from the pernicious USA) will succeed in destroying Europe and everything it has represented for the past millennium. And who is Roger Mtruk to say whose comments will be posted or not be posted? His opinion is no better than anyone else’s. Sounds like another brainwashed SJW with nothing to do in life. Congratulations to KTG for posting almost all points of view.