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Dutch supermarket chain Spar to return to Greece

The Dutch super market chain Spar will apparently return to the Greek market year through its participation in a consortium with local retailer Asteras, a year after the former ended its agreement with the Veropoulos group.

The latter, in fact, sold its Greece operation to Metro S.A., but retained units in southeast Europe under its Vero brandname.

Spar was active in the Greek market from 1969 to 2016.

According to sources who spoke with “N”, the Dutch company first approached Metro after its buyout of Veropoulos, followed by contacts with at least another two super market chains in Greece.

A deal was finally announced with Asteras, with a new consortium active in the domestic super market sector to be called Spar Hellas. naftemporiki


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  1. There used to be a Veropoulos supermarket near my home. It was expensive, lacked variety and often had out of date goods on its shelves. The My Market that replaced it is much better.

    • i hear MM is more expensive than Ver was and not so much variety. probably it depends on the size.

  2. All these foreign food shops take away the profit from the country. True they provide jobs but they are the cause of family businesses closing down and rob local people of their livelihood. It has been happening across Europe small farms, shops, businesses sacrificed for richer big companies profit to be taken out of their country. Who is ruling this Europe?