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Black Friday frenzy in Greece with some weird deals

It was still dark when the first customers arrived outside stores long before the opening hours.

It was mostly young people building long queues outside shops with electronics, waiting for the best Black Friday deals.

Among them also school students who thought a Black Friday deal is much more interesting than a dull day in the classroom.

When a big store with electronics, mobile phones, computers and gaming opened its doors in downtown of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, the crowd applauded.

Many shops opened an hour earlier than usually.

A small retailer shop with women’s clothes in my neighborhood experienced an unusual high flow of customers so early in the morning when it opened its doors at 9 o’ clock.

For second consecutive year, retailers in Greece offer generous discounts on the Black Friday that was introduced in the country in 2016. Last year, the number of retailers who joined the action was just 15 percent, this year it has increased to 19 percent.

According to a survey by the Greek Confederation of Commerce and Enterpreneuship only one in three retailers are aware of the Black Friday on November 24th, though.

Yet, some retailers do not limit the action on Friday only but extend it to three days or even one week.

This year the action was more organized and many big stores had already uploaded on their websites their BF discounts a couple of days earlier.

And there one could see that the offered discounts do not necessarily affect products that customers would definitely want to buy.

Weird Black Friday offers

Christmas cookies

Black Friday with Black Humor: 50% discount by funeral service in Crete

KTG’s special Black Friday Deal 🙂 All books published in 1997.

PS We hope, Black Friday deals will be much better in the third year.

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  1. Do you think there will ever be the dangerous pushing and shoving and violence seen at some Black Friday sales in the USA or will the Greeks do this civilly? I’m curious to see if human nature is human nature, or if just we Americans act like animals to save a dollar?