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Floods death toll rises to 23, after one more body found and an elderly dies in hospital

One more body was found in floods-stricken area of Mandra in West Attica on Monday morning. Short time later, it was announced that a flood victim who was hospitalized since November 15th, died in the intensive care of the Thriasio hospital. The 82-year-old woman was transferred to hospital on the first day of the floods. She was heavily injured, had respiratory problems and hypothermia as she remained in the waters for hours. Her death increases the flash floods death toll to 23.

The body of a man was found 13 days after the deadly flash floods stroke West Attica. The body was found by municipality workers under debris. They alarmed the fire service.

Greece’ Fire Service tweeted short after 10 o’ clock, that the body of a man was located outside the depot of the Municipality of Mandra.

The depot has been build on the closed river. Three more bodies were found there as the nature made its way through the old river bed on November 15th.

The body was transferred to the hospital, where relatives identified him as the 70-year-old missing hunter.His brother had also died in the floods swept away by tons of rushing waters, mud and debris.

The hunter was the last officially missing person.

The names of the dead have not been published.

However, there were many migrant workers in the area, mainly from Pakistan. There are only unconfirmed one-line reports in the media, that Pakistanis may have been among the floods victims.

Almost two weeks after the floods, locals still struggle to clean up the area and animal lovers struggle to help the many cats and dogs that managed to survive,

Do you want to offer help? See here how:

Mandra Municipality appeals for donations
the invisible victims: Help for surviving animals

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