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Communist unionists clash with police, raid labor Ministry to protest new Strike Law (videos, picts)

Furious about the new Strike Law, unionists stormed into the building of Labor Ministry in Athens, other protesters tried to overturn police vehicles near the Prime Minister’s office and clashed with police.

Riot police fired tear gas in order to hinder the angry unionists from coming too close to the PM’s office.

Hundreds of unionists of PAME, the union of Communist party KKE gathered in downtown Athens on Tuesday to protest against the new Strike Law that restricts unions’ rights to strikes.

According to photo reporters, police was caught by surprise when unionists lifted the ministry door and forced themselves inside the building. Shields and police clubs left behind…

Greek media report of several injured from both sides.

Injured policeman after the raid in the Labor Ministry – Media report that the policeman slipped and got injured as he was trying to run away during the unionists’ raid.

Injured unionist

Protesters try to overturn police bus, one of the many that blocked Vasilissis Sofias Avenue near the PM’s office.

According to the new Law, 50%+1 of votes are necessary in order for a union to call a strike.

The old Law demands only 1/3 or even 1/5 of  unions members votes.

The new Law 50+1 is one of the lender’s prerequisites the Greek government has adopted in order to conclude the third review of the latest bailout and fiscal adjustment program. It was agreed over the weekend.

Unionists got angry and the government seemed to withdraw the law for modifications.

However, getting rid of the 50+1 strike restriction is not easy. Brussels lets know that the Greek government has already agreed upon.

Private and public sector unions have announced a 24-hour general strike on Dec 14 2017.

“Hands off from the strike”

Communist unionists paint their central slogan in front of the Greek Palriament.

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