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Greek FM warns Turkey that “some of its islets could turn into grey zones” too

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias challenged Ankara and the latest claims by Prime Minister Binali Yildirim and warned that some islets areas in Turkey could also turn into grey zones.

During a joint press conference with his Armenian counterpart counterpart Edward Nalbandia, journalists asked Kotzias to comment on Yildirim’s claim that “16 islands were illegally occupied by Greece”  and that the status of 132 islets in the Aegean was disputed.

Kotzias initially suggested that the Turkish premier’s statements were not as they were presented but a reply to claims made by the Kemal-supporting opposition.

The islands in question have belonged to the Greek state since the 20th century on the basis of international laws, he stressed.

And warned Turkey that “with the criteria they set in the Aegean Sea, they could see some of the islets that now belong to Turkey turn into grey zones.”

Nevertheless, Kotzias pointed out that the problem was not the Turkish premier’s statements “but the deeply mistaken view that the Turkish opposition has put on the Turkish Parliament’s agenda.”


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  1. Maybe an earthquake is needed to put each one of these stupid islets 100m under water so that politicians on both sides cannot waste any more of their time with this irrelevant rubbish and can back to serving the people.