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Roma man dies in custody, relatives attack police station injuring 9 officers

A 62-year-old Roma man died while in custody in a police station in Fyli, Ano Liosia in North-West Athens on Wednesday. Angry relatives and members of the Roma community gathered outside the police station to protest the death.

According to media, the angry crowd threw stones and sticks and injured nine police officers who were taken to a hospital, thus slightly injured.

The crowd had reportedly managed to gain access to police transmissions and was also swearing at the police.

The 62-year-old was detained a day earlier for robbery and he had a criminal record. On Wednesday, he suddenly passed out and died while he was taken to a hospital with an ambulance.

Private ANT1 TV reported that the policemen had called for an ambulance that arrived one and a half hour later.

The Roma community demands investigation into the man’s death and blames the police for the death.

Even before the autopsy was conducted, media reported his death was because of  “pathological causes.” This was the explanation given by police sources.

His brother told media that he was not feeling well since the previous night. “He was in pain, but police called for an ambulance the next day,” he said adding that he wants “justice beyond racial discrimination.”

Police has detained the son of the deceased.

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  1. Whoever touches a police officer shall be detained. Good job in catching this thief & good luck in catching whoever attacked the police station.