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Heartbreaking letter to Santa: Greek child asks for “plenty of food”

All children that were asked to write a letter so Santa most probably asked the obvious: toys. Except for one child, 8-year-old Alexis.

“Dear Santa, I am Alexis from the 4th grade. I was a good child. This year, I want you to bring plenty of food so that my mom doesn’t cry. she had no job and if you cant bring a toy for my sick brother. I love you very much, “ the boy wrote.

The heartbreaking letter to Santa was written by a child in an elementary school in Patras, Western Greece.

According to tempo24.gr, Alexis’ letter was published by NGO for child welfare  Shining Start (Foteino Asteri) on their Facebook account.

Many Greeks offered to learn how they could help the family of Alexis.

But the letter was just indicative for the grim presence many children experience in Greece, where 36.7% of children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

There is always an Alexis nearby, in the neighborhood, in your child’s classroom or school. Just help Alexis out or make a donation to a charity.


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  1. It might be good to give some links for people whod like to help. Here is a useful article,

  2. I saw this all over the news and media outlets and they like many people are acting like an atomic bomb was dropped in Greece. This is nothing compared to what the Greek people in the 40s & 50s and 10s & 20s went through. Yes the economy shrunk by 1/4 but the average Greek is still richer than all of their neighbours except Italy. This old lady drama is as dumb as thinking we are all going to die because it is slightly raining sideways.

  3. According to Mario Monti (former Italian PM) Greece is the greatest euro success! But he seems doesn’t know that if you can’t devaluate your currency you must devalue your salaries, and that’s what happen in all peripheral countries of the euro area.

  4. The euro is indeed a “success” and Mario Monti knows that, this currency is used by some lovely plutocrats to destroy our nations by depriving them of the control over their economy.

    We have to be aware of the betrayal of our governements in the last few years all over europe.

    I would really like to help as my much as my scarse finances allow me to, please if anybody reading this could suggest some charities then I will spread the word to people here in Italy.

    Let’s show that bunch of bastards what solidarity between countries (pepole!) really mean.

    Thank you.

  5. @Paolo, one good Greek charity that I’ve helped before is called Boroume and it is at: .boroume dot GR,
    Also, in regards to the Euro, I would prefer the Drachma or even the US Dollar as the currrency for Greece as it seems more stable over the long haul. But, of course that is just my opinion as I’m no economist. But the US Dollar is a currency that has been around for a long time and any US dollar in your possession from the time of inception is still considered legal tender currency. How many other currencies can say that?

  6. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    @Paolo. A well-run Greek charity that I know slightly, and have a lot of respect for, is Solidarity Now. They help both Greeks and foreigners, and (at least when I interviewed them, last year) refuse to be involved with EU funding that requires knowing people’s legal and ethnic statuses. They help the people in Greece who need help.