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Weather for every taste: Snow and thunderstorms, stormy south winds and sunshine

A gradual weather deterioration is expected from the North-West, with rain- and thunderstorms and snow, but also strong south winds with mud-rain.

The weather deterioration will affect almost the entire country until late Saturday evening and large parts on Sunday.


Saturday, Dec 16 2017

The weather phenomena will be intense initially in Western Greece, the Peloponnese and Central Sterea, where are expected to cause problems locally. Later on Saturday, they will affect also the North-Eastern parts of the country.

Snow is expected in the northern mountainous areas.

At the same time, south winds will blow in the Aegean Sea with intensity of 7 to 8 Beaufort, locally above 9B (see map below). The South winds will bring Sahara dust from Africa and mud rainfalls.

+++ Due to the stormy winds in the seas, ferries and ships schedules may be cancelled, therefore, check with local port authorities or travel agents before luggage packing. some schedules have already be cancelled.

Heavy rainfalls in West Macedonia, Epirus and North-West Peloponnese on Saturday morning have reportedly already brought rocks to slide on land roads. Traffic police has hated traffic locally.

Sunday, Dec 17 2017

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms are expected in islands of the North and East Aegean and in Thrace

The phenomena will occur all through Sunday. By the evening they will be limited in the Dodecanese.

Strong rainfalls will continue also on Sunday in West and North Greece and snow will fall in the mountains.

Winds across the country will turn to West-winds, weaken to 6-7 Beaufort and result into slight temperature drop.

Over the weekend, the lowest temperatures are expected in North-West Greece with around 6° C in Metsovo and the highest in Chania, Crete, with 21° C.

Indicative: Rain, Wind and Snow

Snow and low temperatures are expected mainly in West Macedonia on Monday.

The bad weather will continue all through the week, at least until Friday, Dec 22nd 2017.

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Although it is too early to say, I read somewhere on internet that Rainfalls are expected over the Christmas days and Snow over the New Year.

It should be the other way around…. 🙁

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