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“Anger” and “Shame”: This is what Greeks feel about the present and the future of the country

Pessimism, fear and insecurity: this is how the Greeks precept the present and the future. According to a survey conducted by MRB for Sunday newspaper To Vima, the overwhelming majority of Greeks, 87.2%, believes that things will generally go “pretty” or “very bad”, while the youth is considering to migrate abroad

Greeks consider as the three main problems the unemployment (65.3%), the tax burdens (47.3%), the health care (35.2%).

Although there is a decline in negative emotions, when asked about their feelings with regards to the present and future of the country

59.4% said “anger”, 49.7% “shame” and 38.6% “fear”. Only 20.5% said “hope”,  6.4% “pride” and 4% “confidence.”

Six out of ten (61.2%) citizens are not convinced of government commitments:  38.1% consider that new austerity measures are “likely”, while 23.1% “very likely”.

On the opposite side, 27.4% is close to what the government claims: 19.5% consider new austerity measures as “unlikely” and 7.9% “not likely at all.”

The very negative element of the survey is that young people, who are also in the most productive ages, do not see a prospect in the country and if they were given the opportunity to leave Greece they would do so at 34.3%. In the age group 18-24 a 70.2% wants to leave the country, while those 25-34 want the same at 49.8%.

Six out of ten Greeks think that the country will “definitely need” or “probably need” to sign a new Memorandum 9bailout agreement)  after the current ends in summer 2018.

Finally, the Greek society trusts by a majority of 32.4% “Russia” for the good development of things in Greece. France ranks second with 30.1%, UK with 19.8%, China 19.1%, Germany and the United States at 13.3.%.

PS after 8 years of economic crisis, no wonder Greeks are depressed…

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  1. I have been coming to Greece for many years now and i am afraid that raising VAT on the islands could see the start of declining tourism and more hardship for it,s occupants.
    Last year i seen rises in prices but i do not blame the Greek people for this it,s Europe who will be their downfall.
    Greece will be paying Europe or should i say Germany the dictators of Europe for generations to come and it,s only hope is Grexit that,s if she ever gets the chance again.