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WARNING! Anarchists claim to have poisoned food products, Greek Food Authority warns consumers!

A group called “Black and Greek Commanders” claims that they have poisoned several drink and food items and will put them on supermarket shelves.

In an announcement posted on a anti-authoritarian website on Tuesday morning, the group claims it has poisoned the items with hydrochloric acid and will put back the items on supermarket shelves in Athens and Thessaloniki between 20th and 24th December 2017.

The group said in the statement it plans to sabotage the products of specific brands in Athens and Thessaloniki because “thousands of people will leave their sofas to make their Christmas shopping which means the sacrifice of millions of living creatures who will be slaughtered and drained to the last drop to satisfy consumers’ needs and taste.”

The group has uploaded pictures of eleven products they have allegedly poisoned.

The products in question are

  • Coca Cola and Coca Cola Light 1.5L in plastic bottles
  •  Yfantis parizaki in 350gr and 500gr packages
  • Full fat 3.5% Delta Milk blue carton package, 1L.

Supermarkets have already started to withdraw the products in question following preventive instructions by the Hellenic Food Authority EFET.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the EFET also calls on consumers in Athens and Thessaloniki to not buy the above mentioned products until  December 25th 2017.

The anti-terrorism department has already launched investigation.

Also last Christmas, the group had claimed to have poisoned soft beverages and the claim had led to withdrawal of thousands of soft beverages cans from supermarkets.

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  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    These looneys are the same sort of people who give fake bomb alerts to schools and airports, just to cause havoc. They belong in psychiatric hospitals.

  2. As far as Coca cola goes it is a poison in itself and should be boycotted. Ask any endocrinologist what he/she thinks about the high fructose syrup in Coke.

  3. This is terrorism pure and simple, and the only way to defeat terrorism is to refuse to be terrified. Don’t change your shopping habits and don’t remove products from shelves. Keep calm and carry on…..

    • that’s irresponsible. no supermarket and no state authority can take the risk. even in ‘bomb threats’ that prove to be a farce, authorities have to take them serious first of all. It’s the Public Security ABC.

  4. This is a joke, the anarchists are only capable of throwing molotov cocktails and burning down cars. They cannot manage to do what they claimed, just want to create fear.

    PS: I am sure all the anarchsits in Exarcheia are on first name basis with the Greek government officials!

  5. These particular products are what kids and teenagers eat? Parizaki, full fat milk, and coca cola? Seems very targeted. to Pull at the heart strings of the consumers?