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Snowstorms, temperatures below freezing point: White Greek Christmas?

The whole of Greece will be in the grip of an ice-cold weather front coming from the north. The National Meteorology Service warns of snow- and rainstorms, frost, temperature drop far below the freezing point but also of stormy winds above 9 Beaufort.

Rodopi, NE Greece on Dec 19th

White Christmas? If not White Christmas, at least, White pre-Christmas in some regions.

Analytically the weather forecast Dec 21-25, 2017

Thu Dec 21

Strong rain- and thunderstorms in the regions of Kythira, Peloponnese – mainly East the South- also the Evritania, Fokida, East Sterea, Thessaloniki, Viotia and Euboea.

light blue: temperature below -5 C, blue regions around 0C

Snowfalls , temporarily heavy, in Peloponnese and Pilion also above 600 m.

Snow-rain in the mountains around Athens and snow in Parnitha above 900 m.

Very strong wings mainly in South Peloponnese. In Kythira, intensity will reach 9 and 10 Beaufort.

Fri, Dec 22

The phenomena will continue in the above mentioned areas.

In addition heavy rain- and thunderstorms also on Crete, the Cyclades islands, East Aegean Sea and Deodecanese.

Orange: winds above 8 Beaufort

Heavy snowfalls also on the mountains of Crete, mainly in the West.

North winds in the Aegean Sea 8-9 Beaufort.

Sat, Dec 23

The bad weather front will affect mainly the Eastern Aegean Sea and Crete.

Looks like Snow in Attica and Central & East Peloponnese.

In the evening, the weather will deteriorate again, with a new bad weather front coming from the North with snowfalls mainly in the East, thunderstorms and stormy winds  in the Aegean and further temperature decrease across the whole country.

Sun Dec 24

Low temperatures across the country, also in Dodecanese, rainfalls in the central Aegean.

Mo Dec 25

Low temperatures around 9 degrees C will prevail.

Some meteorologists say, however, that there will be sunshine on Christmas Day and temperature rise.

Snow weather forecast Dec 21, 22, 23

indicative via poseidon system



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  1. White Christmas 😀

  2. So far it is warmer this year than last year. The temperature is a bit cold in Athens today and the next few days, but then getting warm again, like 13 degrees over the new year period.

    Last year it was 0 at night during this period!