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Missing 80-year-old found dead in the snow in North Peloponnese

A missing 80-year-old woman was found dead under heavy snow in the vailage Dafnes Achaias by Aegio in North-West Peloponnese, one of the regions of Greece most hit by the heavy and icy cold snow weather.

The woman was missing for several hours since Friday when the bad weather front stroke the area.

An autopsy is to determined the exact causes of her death.

Τhe woman was missing since Thursday and her son had alerted police and local authorities.

Ιnitially there was suspicion that the woman may have been attacked in her own home, she fled to save herself and died in the cold.

However, coroner’s investigation at the spot showed that the woman had an accident inside her home and left it to seek for help. Once in the yard, she fell down and unable to move back to her home, she froze to death and was covered by a thick blanket of snow.

Roads were snowed-in, motorists stranded and at least 12 villages in the area remain without electricity for more than 24 hours as the heavy snow falls damaged power columns.

A family with four little children but also a shepherd  with his sheep were snowed-in in the mountainous areas of Kalavryta.

Villages are snowed-in also in regions of Central Greece and some have no electricity.

A second wave of snow weather is expected on Saturday  evening, stormy winds of more than 9 Beaufort have disrupted sea traffic.

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