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Melomakarona Are Forever: Greeks’ favorite Christmas sweet in the …movies

For millions of Greeks there is no better Christmas sweet than melomakarona: the sweet egg-shaped calories bombs, made of flour, sugar and olive oil, flavored with orange, cinnamon and cloves, sprinkled with walnuts and soaked in syrup.

Anyone with a Greek DNA knows very well what I mean. Melomakarona make addictive,although there are some odd folks preferring Kourabiedes, the short-bread biscuits with almonds and butter sprinkled with icing sugar.

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Melomakarona are the sweets one eats from beginning or latest form the middle of December until January 6th and often also beyond.

Hungry? Bored? Tired? Sleepy? One Melomakarono is always the solution during the bright and cold Christmas days. Before and beyond.

Now, bored, hungry, tired and sleepy Greeks on social media created a hashtag called “melomakarona_movies” because you cannot go to the movies on Christmas days without having eaten at least one melomakarono ahead.


Snow White and The 7 Melomakarona

The Melomakarono and the Beast

Harry Potter in the Melomakarona Chamber

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly Melomakarono

The Lord of the Melomakarona

The 101 Melomakarona of Greece

James Bond: Melomakarona are Forever

You’ve got Mailomakarono

A Nightmare on Kourabiedes Street

Back to Melomakarono

Melomakarona Wars IV

Melomakarono in the land of Christmas

The Hunger Games: Catch a Melomakarono

The 50 Shades of a Melomakarono

The Melomakarondiator

Gone with Melomakarona

An eternal Greek dilemma: Melomakarona vs Kourabiedes

What is your favorite Greek Christmas sweet?

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For Melomakarona recipe click here

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  1. I like staying healthy so won’t be eating either. Don’t get my wrong; I really like the Christmas holiday period, I just don’t see a point in being unhealthy about it !

  2. What happened to foinikia? I’m partial to a braided koulouraki that gets dipped into milk (hot or cold) or coffee.