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Greek Meteorological Service and Civil Protection warn of extreme weather phenomena Dec 27-29

Greece’s National Meteorology Service warns of strong rainfalls, thunderstorms and stormy winds. Heavy snowfalls mainly in the mountainous areas in the North-West of the country.

The phenomena are expected set in as of Wednesday afternoon and to be very intense.

A warning has been also issued by the Greek Civil Protection that is urging citizens to take precautionary measures and avoid risky actions.

The weather warning is valid Dec 27-29 2017.

Analytical Forecast and affected areas

Wednesday, Dec 27

Islands of the North Ionian Sea, Epirus and gradually Western Sterea

Late in the night snowfalls in Epirus and West Sterea in mountainous areas above over 1200 meters

Wind intensity 7-8 Beaufort in the North Ionian Sea.

Thursday, Dec 28

Ionian sea and islands, Epirus, West Sterea and gradually as of the afternoon also Peloponnese, East Macedonia, Thrace and possibly also the rest of the mainland. In the night also Crete, the Cyclades and the islands of North and Eastern Aegean Sea.

Heavy snowfalls in Epirus and West Sterea (above 800 m), West Macedonia (above 800 m) and North Peloponnese (above 1200 m)

Friday, Dec 29

East Macedonia and by late evening Crete, Cyclades, Thrace, islands of the North and East Aegean, Dodecanese, temporarily also North Ionian, Epirus, West Sterea, West and South Peloponnese.

Although weakened, snowfalls will continue in North-West above 800 meters.

Snowfalls are expected also on Saturday, Dec 30 in Epirus, West Macedonia, West Sterea, North and south Peloponnese, and West Crete.

Civil Protection urges motorists to follow the traffic police advises and regulations, and citizens to avoid being exposed in dangerous situations.

sources: emy, meteo, poseidon

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