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UPD Mysterious death of two German tourists in Kefalonia on New Year’s day

Two tourists were found dead in an apartment they had rented via Airbnb in Vlahata village on the island of Kefalo0nia in the Ionian Sea in the morning of the New Year’s day. The nationality of the tourists is given by local media as “German.” The deaths are covered with a mystery as there are no signs of external violence or the presence of a third person in the apartment. First indications hint on a double suicide.

According to information given to the press, the couple was aged between 30 and 35 years old. Both people have razor- and knife-injuries in their arms and other parts of their bodies.

“There was blood everywhere,” local media reported and citing police sources they added that “the woman was found dead on the couch in the living room, while the man had died in the bathroom.”

The bodies were discovered by the owner in the morning of January 1st. The owner went to clean the apartment considering they had left as the lease had concluded.

The coroner has determined the estimated time of the deaths as to have been on Saturday evening.

The couple had rented the apartment in the center of the village on December 26th for three days, while they had earlier used another tourist facility for their accommodation on the island.

According to the information known so far, the couple had rented the car they used in Germany in October but they never returned it. The The car was registered as stolen. They had illegally changed the license plates with fake ones. No drugs or other hallucinogenic substances were found in the car by local police.

According to latest information, the identity of the man seems to be confirmed as a German aged 35. The woman is suggested to be a Bulgarian national.

“Α necklace with a pentagram was found around the neck of the woman which indicates the possibility of a ritual double suicide,” private ANT1 TV reported Tuesday noon.

The bodies are to be transferred to the morgue in Patras for autopsy and further determination of their identities.

UPDATE: The woman is said to be a Bulgarian national, 23 years old. Her parents  has no contact to her since 8. June 2017 and had declared her as missing. Her friends had expressed fear on social media that she was involved in an organization with satanic practices, Epsilon TV reported late Tuesday.

Locals told media that the couple stayed at the apartment and “did not go outside for a sightseeing walk as other tourists do.” They describe the woman with short black hair and wearing black clothes. reports pictures of the woman from her social media account.


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