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T-2 aircraft of Hellenic Air Forces crashes and cut into two (video)

A T-2 training aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force crashed and broke into two south of Kalamata in Peloponnese on Wednesday noon.

The two-man crew managed to save themselves abandoning the aircraft with parachute in a height of 800 ft. They were picked up by an Air Force helicopter.

A statement by the Greek Air Force said the aircraft crashed due to mechanic failure while it was on a training flight 2 nautical miles south of the airport in Kalamata.

According to media dealing with military issues, one of the engines of the aircraft stopped while the T-2 was flying. The crew reported the problem to the air force base and while it was heading to the airport also the second engine stopped.

An inquiry has been ordered in order to investigate the causes of the crash. It will be examined whether the engines stopped working due to mechanic failure to both of them or whether there was a problem in their supporting system.

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