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Local clergy warns “Greece stands on the brink of destruction”

The clergy of the Diocese of Orestiada of the Greek Orthodox Church have unanimously supported a declaration dedicated to the difficult situation in modern Greece, the main points of which have been published on AgionOros.

The clergy’s concern has been caused by the demographic problem: “Our villages are dying out and schools are closing from lack of students. Unfortunately, the authorities are showing their indifference to people who want to give birth and raise their children. We demand that the government render support to underprivileged and large families instead of wasting huge budget funds on financing 300,000 annual abortions.”

The Orestiada clergy have stated with sorrow that the authorities are “systematically destroying the foundational institutions and values of Greek society,” by its adoption of the law “On Free Cohabitation,” which dealt a blow to the family and the institution of marriage, and the carrying out of the destruction of morals beginning with the youth, with talks on “sexual identity” in the schools. The clergy also pointed to the recent legislation that allows even young teenagers to legally change their gender by simple written notification.

In December 2015, Greek parliament voted 193-56 to extend civil partnerships to same-sex couples. New leftist education programs, including discussions about sexual behavior and sexual relations, analyses of phallic symbols, discussions on “sexuality in adolescence,” including topics such as the emergence of sexuality, sexual intercourse, expressions of sexuality, sexual identities, etc, have caused a huge uproar in the Greek Church and society.

Most recently, Greek parliament voted 148-124 to pass the bill “On the Free Change of Sex,” which allows anyone 15 years and older to legally change their gender by sending a written notification to the relevant authorities. This has also caused an outrage in society and in the Church.

The clergy are also particularly concerned with the change to History and Religious Studies courses in the nation’s schools. History, in their view, is being falsified and revised, while the religious courses only serve to sow doubts and confusion.

The clergy’s appeal ends with a call “to stop the catastrophic decline of Greece, which is hanging on the edge of the abyss.” the  orthodoxchristian reports.

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  1. Those that think they can change biology by signing a paper are welcome to do so. 45% will commit suicide within a few years anyway. Once more this degenerate politically correctness just shows the stupidity of so-called “lawmakers” everywhere in the EU and US. May Greece leave the EU before it collapses.

  2. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    @Carl. Nobody is trying to change biology. The belief is that sexuality is more complex than binary division into male and female, because it is socially constructed. Even gender assignment at birth is more complex than deciding male or female, with a significant number of babies born with indeterminate or both sex organs. However, the real problem is with gender identity and those who feel either that their real gender is different from that assigned or that they do not fit either category (non-binary).

    Your lack of compassion for people who suffer in this way is evident. I do not expect the backward Greek Orthodox Church either to understand science or to accept changes in the world: their extreme conservatism is on record and has held Greece back since 1832.

  3. There has been a decades long attack on any and all forms of natural/indigenous/spontaneous/independent human relations and interaction. this means real communities, real cultures, real nations and traditions, and above all the institution of the family. These things are out of the control of political and economic masters and they bend all efforts to eradicate anything that they cannot control.
    A simple signed declaration to officially ‘change’ ones gender. yet have you looked into how difficult they make it for a newlywed wife to take her husband’s name, in this country? eradicate tradition and replace it with dependence on the state – convert everyone into obdeient or at least desperate slaves.

  4. @anon + Martin Edwards; Anon is correct. Al this LGBTQ/SJW/political correctness is nothing but a construction of those in power to manipulate, control and exploit the ignorant. Unfortunately millions of uninformed and naive people fall for this BS preached by the “authorities” i. e. phony so-called “law makers” who have no interest in their constituents but only their power. Anyone born with intermediate or both organs has nothing but a birth defect. Teaching small children that they can choose their sex is bordering on child abuse. 40% of them will probably end up committing suicide anyway.

    The same goes for the immigrant problem. You can’t mix salt water fish with fresh water fish and hope it works. Merkel, Schulz, Verhofstedt, and Junker should be tried for treason in trying to destroy Europe. The UK should not waiver and get out asap. The only other leaders with a brain are those of the Vishegrad group and now Austria. Greece made a definite mistake in not leaving the EU in 2010. The worst mistake a nation can make is to give up its sovereignty. It won’t be long before this absolute idiocy is either turned around or the EU collapses. Either way the result will be positive.

    Compassion for what? Come off it, all this is nothing but a crock of BS! If you believe in God then you must believe that everybody gets what they deserve in life. The bureaucrats in Brussels will get theirs.

  5. Hecataeus Miletuss

    One other thought to consider to all on this post and beyond. My very wise older (90 year old) Greek neighbor told me that our society has the freedom to consider all these things. SO that is one good thing that we can all debate this whether you agree or not. In his day, there was war and not time to discuss stuff like this. When war hits a country or the world, all these topics go on the backburner is what he basically said.

  6. And thanks to KTG for letting ALL OF US discuss/argue/debate/agree/disagree on these topics in stark contrast to Facebook, Twitter and others who think they can determine what everyone should think. Happy new year to all of you at KTG and your readers.

  7. Greek society will not be destroyed by giving a tiny percentage of the population the right to choose their own identity instead of having rigid and outdated ideas imposed on them by religious zealots. Greek society is being destroyed by the economic policies imposed on its citizens. Austerity is destroying us as young people cannot afford to get married and start a family; They have the choice to remain in Greece poor and single or leave the country to seek decent living standards abroad.