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Toll fees on several parts of Greece’s highways increased as of 8. Jan 2018

Toll fees for several highways in Greece have been increased as of 8. January 2018. Prices have risen in several places in Korinthos -Trikala, Kalamata-Athens, Athens-Lamia, the Antirio-Ioannina on the Ιonian Highway.

The prices are increased from 5 eurocents to 30 eurocents per category and distance. For cars with 5 cents the price of the Athens – Lamia section is rising.

If you travel from Thessaloniki to Lamia you will pay 35 cents more.

At 20 eurocents more expensive is the trip from Athens to Larissa.

For most sections, prices remained unchanged, as there was a slight increase in the last months of last year.

Frequent travelers choose roundabout free routes. There is also the option to purchase a subscription card with which toll prices are lower.

PS there is no need to publish the increases lists here because a. they are in Greek and b. you will pay the rise anyway. One day we will see in the increases also in the products prices as any rises in transportation cost are gladly being passed over to products.

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  1. Yes, you are of course right. We, the end user, will pay for any and every transport price increase. Any idea if they will increase the toll on the Antirio bridge? It was already steep – I haven’t used it for a year or so, but it was costing me about €13 to cross (each way) in my car, and €20 each way in my (3.5 tonne) van.