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Athens Public transport workers on 24h strikes and work stoppages, Jan 12 & 15

Troubles ahead for commuters in Athens as workers at METRO Lines 2 and 3 and TRAM will launch a 24-hour strike on Friday, January 12, 2018. Workers at Urban train ISAP will launch a 4-hour stoppage between 12 o; clock noon and 3:00 p.m.

Trolley buses and buses will operate as usually.

Public transport workers will launch another 24-hour strike on Monday, January 15,2018. This time it will be workers at buses, trolley buses and Urban train ISAP (Metro Line 1).

With the strikes, workers at public transport means protest the new strike law that set new conditions for strike decisions by the unions.


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  1. Christmas holidays are over! Back to normality ( striking)

  2. Striking for the right to strike is both a last ditch against the predatory carpetbagger tide and noble, I support it. Meanwhile irony of ironies:

    German Workers Strike for Right to Two Year 28-hour Working Week

  3. Hecataeus Miletuss

    I firmly believe in allowing people to strike and protest. But maybe they could do it by taking turns. Have some of the workers strike but leave enough people to still run the activity so that customers are not impeded. And another suggestion I had was that instead of striking in downtown Athens and disrupting traffic and causing chaos, couldn’t the strikers do their protests say in an open field somewhere a bit outside of Athens, so that they could yell, scream, pound their chests and put their fists into the air but it wouldn’t annoy anyone else who just wanted to get to work? They could still have the journalists videotape it and then people who work and don’t have time for strikes could watch it when they get home on video (like Netflix Strike channel). Anyways, I may be kidding a bit, but my neighbor told me that my idea doesn’t sound half bad?