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German expat brutally murdered while on wild boar hunting in Arkitsa

The body of a 55-year-old German national was found in an olive grove some 300 meters away from the village Triantafyllia by Arkitsa in the East of Fthiotida Prefecture on Wednesday. The body of the man was found next to his car, a silver Opel Jeep with foreign license plates.

According to local media, the victim was shot twice from the back with a hunting rifle with pellets used to kill boars. He was shot in the neck and the back.

The man was wearing camouflage clothes and a cartridge belt. Police suggest that he had gone for hunting but his rifle was found found in the area.

The German national was a permanent resident of Kedros settlement at the coast of Arkista. His ex wife who is living in the area told police that she had no contact with him on Tuesday in the last days and was about to report him as missing.

Police estimates that the victim was killed several hours before it was found by an elderly hiker in the area. The time of his death is estimated late afternoon, evening of Tuesday, January 9th. According to locals, he was last seen at 5 o’ clock.

His car was locked up, the keys were reportedly found 500 meters away.

Next to the body was a folding stool, a lens and cartridges both for birds and wild boars.

Although shot in the back, the victim was found lying face upwards, suggesting that the murder turned the body to see if the man was still alive.

Scenarios speak of the possibility that the German expat he was accidentally shot by another hunter who mistakenly took him for a wild boar. However, the fact that no money was found in his pockets makes police to not exclude also the possibility of a robbery. Local media suggest he may have been shot by his own rifle.

According to local, police investigates also an information that the 55-year-old had a quarrel with some people he knew in a shop in Arkista a few days ago.

Locals speak about him as a peaceful man who had no differences with anyone and had never been the target of  negative comments.

The victim’s car has been taken to Police station, investigation is continuing but apparently no clues about the murderer so far.

Police has not made public the victim’s identity.

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