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Barometric low “Theseus” is sweeping across Greece with severe snowfalls and thunderstorms (videos)

Barometric low ‘Theseus’ has arrived from Italy and is sweeping across Greece with heavy snowfalls in Central and the North-West, while thunderstorms are striking the South.

Snow has been falling in mountainous areas even above 200 meters altitude, while lowlands are the target of by strong rainfalls and thunderstorms.

In several regions in North Greece snow chains are needed and the snow keeps falling and is expected to continue until Monday.

Saturday morning – Egnatia highway near Malakasi

Snow has already reached 80 centimeters on the mountains around Trikala in Central Greece, where it has been snowing non-stop since Friday night. More than 25 municipality vehicles are underway in an effort to keep the mountain roads clean, local media reports.

At the same time, torrential rains in the lowlands have already caused traffic problems. Police has halted traffic on the land road between Magoula-Trikala-Kardista due to the rise of water level of the river.

Similar is the situation also in other regions of Central Greece with swelling rivers, landslides and heavy snowfalls.

Με αλυσίδες προς Καρπενήσι - Έντονη χιονόπτωση

heavy snowfall – Video from Kryoneri

A thunderstorm with dozens of lightnings and long duration stroke the prefecture of Attica and neighboring areas in the night of Friday to Saturday. The tones of water did not cause any floods or damages though.

Thunderstorm in the Saronic Gulf off Athens and Piraeus.

The islands of Skopelos and Skiathos of the Sporades group in the west Aegean sea have reportedly received the biggest volume of water.

Video: Agios Ioannis, Pilio, Magnisia

Hail has fallen also in Port Heli, Argos and Rethymnon, Crete.

Snow and rain-falls are expected to continue. See details on Greece extreme weather forecast until Jan 16 2018 here.

Greek police urges motorists and pedestrians to be careful when in areas with extreme weather phenomena.

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