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Chaos ahead as Athens Public Transport Means launch 24h strike on Jan 15

Unions of workers at Athens public transport means have called for a 24-hours strike on Monday, January 15th 2018, to protest the new labor law that restricts the right to strike.

The Athens Metro, the Tram, the urban train ISAP, buses and trolley buses will remain parked for 24 hours and bring commuters on the verge of a nervous break down.

The only public transport mean that will be in operation in the Proastiakos but this will not help the millions of Athenians who do not have access to it. Trains will operate as usual too.

State broadcaster ERT TV reported at 3 pm Saturday that due to the strike, restrictions for driving in downtown Athens (daktylios) are lifted for Monday only.

In statements public transport workers says the new labor law severely restricts the right to strike which is secured by the Greek Constitution.

According to the new law, the presence of 50% of economically settled unionists is required in order to decide for a strike.

Trouble is expecting also those on scheduled flights, as Air Traffic Controllers will launch 3-hour work stoppage on Monday, Jan 15th.

Strikes in public transport means is a squalor as it hurts the poor social classes who cannot afford to pay a taxi fare.

Not to mention the endless traffic jams on the streets and avenues of the Greek capital.

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