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First trilateral meeting of leaders of Greece, Cyprus and Jordan

The first trilateral summit of Greece, Cyprus and Jordan establishes the role of the three countries as pillars of stability, peace and security in the region, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Tuesday during joint statements with Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and King Abdullah II of Jordan, after the conclusion of the summit.

“I consider this initiative to be of great importance at a time when we are faced with major challenges, but also when important opportunities are emerging in our region, the Eastern Mediterranean. Our trilateral cooperation is based on firm foundations. Firstly, because our countries have important historical, cultural and economic ties with Jordan, ties of friendship between our peoples, on which we will work. And second, because we have established our position as a pillar of stability, peace and security in the region,” Tsipras underlined.

The Greek premier also stressed the need for the international community to actively and effectively support the countries hosting large numbers of refugees and bearing the burden of meeting so many humanitarian needs.

The Greek Prime Minister called also for a fair and viable solution for the Cyprus problem stressing that Turkey must confirm that it is truly committed to a peaceful resolution of the issue within the framework and parameters set by the United Nations.

Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades said “the Greece-Cyprus-Jordan trilateral summit reaffirms the excellent relations and friendship of the three countries and lays the foundations for regional cooperation that they aspire will bring tangible results that benefits all three peoples, Cyprus’ President said during the joint press conference.

King Abdullah II of Jordan said that a permanent trilateral partnership will benefit all people of the three countries. “This day marks what we hope will become a permanent trilateral partnership that will benefit our peoples and the wider region,” the King said and expressed support for Cyprus’ effort to reach a viable solution. He also noted that “there cannot be peace in the Middle East if the issue of Palestine was not resolved fairly, including the problem regarding Jerusalem.”

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The three leader are to sign a joint declaration to combat terrorism.


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