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Doctors and nurses throw a party in ER on New Year’s Eve. Is it a crime?

First class live entertainment in the Emergency of the general public hospital of Mytilene on the island of Lesvos: The sound of bouzouki and drum, one after the other men and women turn their dancing rounds  in the rhythm of zeibekiko. Instead of throwing plates to the dancers, the “audience” throws plastic cups normally used for laboratory tests. Dancers and audience wear uniforms, some are in civilian clothes.

Food, drinks and the smoke of cigarettes and OPA!

It is New Year’s Eve and the staff of the hospital emergency decided to throw a party for the sake of 2018.

Doctors, nurses and security guards show their skills in music instruments and dance.

Some of the excited party-goers film the live event and upload the videos on social media platforms where they reportedly stand up to date.

2018 was not so lucky after all. When the footage is discovered by reporters, the videos go viral, every television channel and every radio and every website shows the videos and reports about the party, the common title is “outrage”.

Media report that the hospital management but also the Health Ministry ordered an urgent internal investigation.

The deputy general manager of the hospital puts things on the right spot telling media that “just a preliminary investigation is being conducted” and takes the ER staff under protection. “According to first investigation results, there was no patient at the ER at this time, the staff had also the right to a small entertainment on that night,” she tells Alpha TV, adding that ER cases came much later. She describes the party as an “unfortunate event” that took place in a place (ER) where it shouldn’t be.

The party-organizers defend themselves telling media like ANT1 TV, that at this time, there was no patient in the ER. they reportedly plan to hold a press conference.

I tend to agree with the hospital manager. We wouldn’t be Greeks if we couldn’t throw a party with bouzouki, toubeleki  and zeibekiko even in an empty ER.

Should the hospital staff be punished?

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WTF?  Main thing, each one of the hospital staff has no more than half a drop of wine or ouzo.

PS Now my cat claims they should be punished for being stupid enough to film the party and upload the videos on internet. The admittedly wise Greek cat added that in this country called Greece, ‘many go unpunished for much more serious reasons.’

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  1. Of course they need to celebrate,have fun,especially in that job,however staff parties must not happen whilst on the job,they must be organised and happen on a date set aside.All staff in an emergency setting must behave appropriately for their role in the workplace,parties are for a separate date.

  2. A very wise and cool Greek cat. No worries, dude. Deputy general manager of the hospital and (i bet) the general public see nothing wrong with the hospital staff smoking in a ER. There are more serious problems in the world. Chill out filosofy.

  3. Hecataeus Miletuss

    In the USA, this would be considered a concern but in Greece, this is not really a big deal. I would say that as long as the staff was not drinking alcohol and they were ready to respond to an actual emergency in a moment’s notice, then this should just be dropped. At a small island hospital, how many cases would they have? Possibly next time, have the party in another area of the hospital.

  4. The emergency room was empty, it was new year’s eve, I don’t know if they had alcohol. The smoking in a health facility is counterproductive. The insistence on smoking indoors is incomprehensible to me – and on the job. Go outside, have your puff, come back.

    Should they be punished?? nah. Reprimanded maybe.